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Effective Coaching Services

Supporting Your Success

Crossing the River

60 Minute Strategy Session

A 60 minute session over the phone where we will explore what it is you would really love in your life, what's been holding you back, and determine what program best suits your needs to realizing your dreams.

Dream Builder Program
1:1 or Group Sessions

“What would you love?” Most people tend to think about what is possible based on what they have right now – their current circumstances. They can’t see a different future. With DreamBuilder®, you will learn how to reorient your thinking so that you can really explore possibilities, set your sights on what you really want, and live the life of your dreams!

Life Mastery

This program will empower you to change your life by helping you develop mastery in 6 key areas of life: Intention, Health, Abundance, Manifestation, Love and Transformation. Each area of mastery is equal to one month in the program, so the curriculum is 6 months in total.

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